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Over the last few years Square Events Management have seen a change in the way lodges are organising their annual Ladies Night or Weekend Festival. With fewer Festival Secretaries organising the event, it is increasingly the Worshipful Master’s responsibility to select the destination, locate the Masonic Ladies Festival Hotel or Masonic Ladies Festival Venue (and negotiate a good rate and workable terms and conditions), organise entertainment and get enough people together to make the event viable.

Square Events Management help organisers to either put the whole event together or just locate the hotel (and negotiate good rates and terms). In fact Square Events Management are arguably the only company offering a completely open book service. Lodges can see exactly how much each supplier is quoting and can be confident the price quoted has not been added to by Square Events Management. Unlike some of our competitors we do not add to the ticket price to boost our commission all prices, from all suppliers are passed onto the Lodge as we receive them, and we are more than happy to put you in touch direct if you wish to check!

The open book approach reassures Lodges’ that nobody is lifting their leg and ensures the Lodge achieve best value for money. Other companies who only organise Masonic Ladies Festivals, insist on minimum profit margins that the lodge have to meet. No risk/reward share is entered into putting all the risk in the lodges court. Square Events Management will earn most of the profit from the venue but because their parent company Brief2Event place £3M+ of business into hotels and venues in the UK, Lodges will always save money by using Square Events Management rather than booking direct.

50% growth in lodges booking events year on year and the option for whole event or just venue find, places Square Events Management as the most popular company to assist lodges with their Masonic Ladies Festival.


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Having analysed the attendees to all Masonic Ladies Night Hotels and venues over the 2010 / 2011 season, Square Events have found some amazing statistics:-

15% – Percentage of Masonic Lodge Members attending a Ladies Weekend Event – a great opportunity for recruitment of potential Masonic initiates.

85% – Percentage of NON Masonic Lodge members attending a Masonic Ladies Night Event.

Most people leaving the event have a positive view on Freemasonry in general and of that lodge in particular.

Most organisers have never organised a similar event

Most Masonic Ladies Weekend or Ladies Night event will raise over £500 for charity and some as high as £1500 – please let us know if your Ladies Night event raised over £1500.

Square Events Management will take away most of the pain of running your event and allow you to chose the menu and chase the guests to attend.  The key to a good and stress free event are good terms and conditions and chase every member to attend!!

For more information please call Square Events Management on – 0845 1656 220 (local charge) to begin your event anywhere in the country or complete the request form and we will call you back for a chat!

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Saturday 21st May 2011 saw Square Events Management deliver the Meyrick Lodge Ladies Night event.  The event was a huge success with number up 15% and The British Heart Foundation benefiting from £1,000.  The price included a three course menu, printed table items (menu, place cards and table plans), Masonic Ladies Night  photographer, pianist during dinner, Masonic Ladies presents, an excellent band (Chris Manning Project) and a disco.

Square Events Management (www.squareeventsmanagement.com) assisted the Master of the lodge to source a suitable venue.  Feedback on last year’s Masonic Ladies Night hotel and an increase in ticket sales indicated that we needed a larger room.  After offering the Master a choice of four suitable venues and visiting two of them, The Carrington House Hotel in Bournemouth was selected.

Communication with the Lodge membership ahead of the evening was managed by Square Events Management who sent out invitations and a Masonic Ladies Festival booking form.  The President was kept informed of ticket sales from start to finish and regular pushes by him in lodge and lots of friends and family supporting the night ensured a superb attendance.

Quotes from guests included:-

Square Events Management made my life infinitely easier.  From the initial enquiry to delivery on the night the team really made my Masonic Ladies Night one to remember.  I have no hesitation in recommending Square Events Management to any Master planning his event.’  – 2010 / 2011 Master of Meyrick Lodge.

My wife and I had so much fun at the recent Masonic Ladies Festival hotel – The Carrington House Hotel in Bournemouth.  The event really opened my eyes to the good that Freemason’s do.  I can’t believe the generosity of the guests in raising over £1,000 for The British Heart Foundation’ – Non Masonic guest at the Meyrick Lodge Ladies Festival dinner.

Great job Square Events!  Call me next week to get the ball rolling on finding a Masonic Ladies Festival hotel for my event next year!’ – Senior Warden.

I have recommended Square Events Management to a friend of mine who is Master of a Masonic Lodge in London.  He wants to run a Masonic Ladies Festival in Bournemouth or a Masonic Ladies Weekend South Coast or New Forest.  Can I pass your details on? – Happy guest at the Masonic Ladies Night hotel in Bournemouth.

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The latest copy of Freemasonry Today is out and includes the Square Events Management full page advert.  The advert is designed to re-enforce the services Square Events Management provide in helping lodges organise Masonic weekend hotels all over the UK.  If you are an experienced Festival Secretary to a new Master with yet another job to do, Square Events can provide a FREE service to meet your needs.

Also included is a draw to win a stay at a QHotel.  Click on the link below and complete the entry form online and you will be entered into the draw.

Square Events Competition

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2012 will see London looking better than ever with new hotels and venues that will be ideal venues for your Masonic Ladies Festival.  London 2012 closes after the Olympic Games and Paralympics on 9th September 2012.  Following the last few Olympic Games, the host city suffers from a Post Olympic hangover.  Hotels are available and more cost effective than at other times of the year.

Square Events Management, arguably the UK’s leading organiser of Masonic Ladies Weekends and Masonic Ladies Nights, have attended events to enable us to pass crucial information to Festival Secretaries and other organisers of Ladies weekend events.

Square Events Management strive to deliver the best value for money for Masonic Lodges at destinations all over the UK and see September 2012 as the ideal time for Masonic Lodges to organise the annual Ladies Festival in London.  Contact Square Events Management to assist you with finding the venue for your Masonic Dinner and Dance:-

Telephone: 01202 400855

Website: www.squareeventsmanagement.com

To place an online enquiry: Click Here!

Other destinations

Masonic Ladies Festivals in Bath

Masonic Ladies Festivals in Blackpool

Masonic Ladies Festivals in Bournemouth

Masonic Ladies Festivals in Cambridge

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Masonic Ladies Festivals in Cotswolds

Masonic Ladies Festivals in New Forest

Masonic Ladies Festivals in Oxford

Masonic Ladies Festivals in Stratford

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Visiting hotels for a showround is usually, at best, a one night affair barely giving you enough time to see any of the local environs and leaves the feeling of having driven an awful lot. So it was with great delight I accepted the kind offer of a weekend at the Barcelo Old Ship Hotel in Brighton.

I arrived at the hotel early evening and managed to get a space in the hotel’s privately owned car park (there are very few seafront hotels in Brighton that can boast this!). My car was parked by a valet who directed us into the hotel through the car park saving us from the cold outside. Check in was pain free and expertly handled by the Reception Manager who was extremely professional and knowledgeable.

Our room (the Hicks Suite) was huge and comfortable and enjoyed views over the seafront. Dinner was excellent as was the service and the drinks prices weren’t excessive. On Saturday morning I met with Richard Clarke the hotel Sales Manager who gave me an excellent showround. As far as conference venues in Brighton go I feel the hotel is ideal, I will come onto the two largest function rooms shortly but the syndicate rooms and boardrooms and well furnished and abundant. The Paganini Suite (named after the famous Italian violinist) is huge and really oozes Regency splendour. The room benefits from high, beautifully decorated ceilings, a minstrels gallery and a large stage. Adjoining the room is the Regency Suite which is similarly decorated in the Regency style and also benefits from a beautiful stained glass window. Perhaps the hotel pièce de résistance is found below ground in the cellars. Part of the original building, which dates back to 1559, the cellars purport to have been used by smugglers to stow their bounty and also closely linked with the Royal Escape of Charles II. Nowadays they are used a room suitable for 26 people for board meeting, receptions or private dining. It is extremely atmospheric and would certainly create a talking point!

On the whole I think the hotel would be ideal for all types of events especially a Masonic Ladies Weekend with good food, comfortable bedrooms, beautiful banqueting space and plenty of quiet corners and talking points what more could you want for your Lodge? How about fantastic prices? Well booking through Square Events from October to March prices start from only £125 per person per weekend inclusive of a drinks reception.

To get a free, no obligation, quote regarding your Masonic Ladies Festival please contact matt.devine@squareeventsmanagement.com or call 01202 400855

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Being the latest addition to the team is never going to be easy, especially when you are new to an industry and in your first full time employment. Day to day I have been gaining a lot of knowledge and this has been aided greatly from the information imparted by visiting account managers.

It’s great working here at Brief2Event and Square Events, I am now in my 6th week and have already had the chance to meet four different account managers from hotels ranging from 5 star luxury at The Westbury to the chain of hotels such as De Vere, Barcelo and Thistle Guoman.

It has been really interesting to see the different relationships between the hotels with us here at Brief2Event. I have also been able to see the way in which the relationships between the hotels and our company have grown over time, getting to know them more on a personal level. Some of the hotels have brought in treats, such as chocolates, stationary for the office, and we were especially lucky as the Barcelo brought us lunch, made fresh from the hotel that morning.

As a representative of both Brief2Event and Square Events it has been interesting seeing how the venues can be used for Masonic Ladies Weekends, conferences, Christmas parties or trade / exhibition events. I would now have no problems recommending a conference venue in London or a Ladies Night venue in Oxford.

I have learnt a lot about the respective brands and their individual hotels and although laptop presentations are great I am looking forward to getting more chances to see more venues, if an opportunity arises.

I would like to thank the Hallmark Hotel and Spa at Bournemouth for the invitation for Brief2Event to visit the hotel for a show round and dinner. We spent the evening with our new account manager, where we discussed the past, present and future business Brief2Event and Square Events place within the group.

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