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Every year is the same. Over the Christmas period people have time on their hands to deal with some of the matters that the normal working week doesn’t allow time for. Organising the Lodge Ladies Festival is one such thing. With people working longer hours finding the times to discuss the finer point of a suitable hotel for your Masonic Ladies weekend in Bournemouth, Bath, Brighton or Stratford-upon-Avon isn’t always the first priority.

This has always been one of the main benefits of using an agency such as Square Events to book your Ladies Night. We pride ourselves on our hotel knowledge and, between a staff of six, have intimate knowledge of most of the UK hotels.

This enables us to be able to provide a shortlist of suitable hotels that closely match your brief. We base our suggestions on your date, budget, geographic location requirements to make sure you get exactly what you require. With all of the administration work taken care of the Festival Secretary’s responsibilities are reduced to a site visit to choose the venue and then reminding the brethren that they need to book.

We’d be delighted to help you with your event so please either visit our website at http://www.squareeventsmanagement.com or call us on 01202 400855.


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When it comes to comparing conferences and Masonic ladies festival weekends there are many similarities, and many differences.

With a Masonic ladies festival weekend the decision of where the weekend is going to take place would normally be on the standard of the hotel, whether the hotel is in right location and if the towns or cities are in close a proximity to their venue. There are many popular locations for ladies weekends such as Cambridge, Oxford, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bournemouth and Cheltenham. With the right product knowledge, at Square Events tailor a proposal specific to a lodge brief detailing all suitable venues in one document.


Whereas, on the other hand, when locating a conference, majority of conferences are located within the large cities such as London with good transport links, and a variety of different hotels and venues to choose from. The final deciding factor for the client when choosing a hotel or venue, could purely come down to the standard of the hotel, the location, whether the hotel or venue would be suitable for the corporate side of the business, with the correct equipment, enough natural daylight for a room, all the little things that would make a big difference. At Brief2Event, we take as descriptive a brief as possible, matching the clients specific needs.


If you were to compare the Masonic ladies festival weekend to a conference the layout, timings have a totally different structure, a festival weekend would be about getting together, getting to bond and enjoy the evening while raising money for charity, whereas a conference is to learn, understand and gain the right information within the workplace.


To plan or organise the venue for either Brief2Event or Square Events, the same thoughts and aspects have to go into the venue search, for instance, location, budget, minimum numbers, room layout, timings, maximum capacity, and refreshments. Everything that is expected from the client should be what the client receives on the day of their event.

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