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Over the coming weeks I will be breaking down the main points that are outlined in our YouTube video .

Some excellent savings can be made on the overall cost of your Masonic Ladies Weekend if you are prepared to book it over less popular weekends. Hotel’s still favour weddings over Ladies Weekends (we have no idea why!) so the summer months are immediately out. Remove all other school holidays and bank holiday weekends and you are left with approx 18 weekends.

The best weekends for getting bargain rates would be the latter half of January and the middle of November (before Christmas parties start kicking in on the last weekend of November). This year we have secured some of the less popular weekends at weekend rates of under £100 per person! Getting the weekend at these rates allow you to add a course or two to the Festival banquet, have a live band over a disco or book something different for the Friday night.

Without wanting to sound self promotional (and failing miserably) the best way to get a bargain price is by asking Square Events Management to book the event for you. Due to the volume of business we place with hotels we are able to secure lower rates than people would be able to get direct. I would also stress that there is no charge to the Lodge for this service as the hotel’s pay us a commission for each event we place. Once you’ve chosen your venue we are happy to step out and leave you to manage your own event or equally we can get involved with assisting you in the event organisation.


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Over the coming weeks I will be breaking down the main points that are outlined in our YouTube video .

When choosing where to hold your Masonic Ladies Weekend your first decision should be where in the world would you like to go? Popular destinations are Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford, Cheltenham, Cambridge, Windsor, Brighton & the ever popular Bournemouth. However becoming more and more popular are locations such as York, Chester, Portsmouth, Cardiff, Maidstone, Hythe, the Lake District & the Peak District.

Your next decision must be what kind of hotel are you looking for? Would a city centre venue suit? Perhaps a country manor estate would be better? Or why not a luxurious resort with a golf course and beauty spa onsite?

Picking the right hotel is essential for a perfect weekend and that’s where Square Events Management can help. We have a huge knowledge base of most UK hotels and can advise you on previous successful events. We are happy  to provide client testimonials and arrange site visits so that you know that the hotel that looks and sounds great on the internet actually lives up to your expectations.

From your enquiry we will provide you with a shortlist of venues bespoked to your requirements. Once you have chosen your venue you can choose to either deal with the event management yourself or, have Square Events Management look after everything for you.

Look for our blog next week when we’ll be discussing how the time of year you hold your event can alter the price you can expect to pay

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When better to have your Ladies Weekend then when England are playing? Any other weekend of the year really! Despite two successful Lodges over the past weekend both were affected by gentlemen forgetting the main reason behind holding a Masonic Ladies night and either decamping to the bar during the meal or suddenly needing multiple visits to the bathroom from 7.30pm – 10.00pm. Lodges for this coming weekend will thankfully remain unaffected as England’s game is on the Friday night.

On another tangent we have some Bournemouth hotels with a few dates still available for this October / November. If you haven’t booked your weekend yet give us a call as there are some fantastic bargains to be had!

We had three enquiries in on one day last week which all went out on the same day even if it was after 8pm when I finished!

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Welcome to Square Events blog. Each week we will be keeping you up-to-date with hotel rates and availability, interesting stories from the Ladies Festivals we organise, details about us and tips on how to make your event a success.

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